Episode 1

The Field Trip

It’s a new term and that means it’s time for the Geography and Sociology field trip to the seaside town Swanage.

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Episode 2

Work Experience

As work experience week approaches, Will sets his sights on a newspaper job but ends up with an auto garage job that was meant for Neil.

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Episode 3

Will's Birthday

It’s Will’s 17th and he wants to celebrate by having a mature dinner party with his friends and their dates.

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Episode 4

Night Out in London

Will tries to ‘seize the day’ by suggesting they all reinvent themselves by doing something cool like clubbing in London.

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Episode 5

The Duke of Edinburgh Awards

Will gets picked by Mr. Gilbert to coordinate the school’s efforts for The Duke of Edinburgh awards.

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Episode 6

Exam Time

The end of year means it’s exam time and the lads are all coping with it in different ways.

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