Episode 1

First Day

Meet Will MacKenzie. As if life wasn’t bad enough, Will is forced to leave the private school he loved because his mother cannot afford it now that his father has run off and abandoned them.

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Episode 2

Bunk Off

When Will, Simon, Jay and Neil decide to cut class and drink, Simon figures what better way to declare his love for Carli than with a piece of art.

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Episode 3

Thorpe Park

Freedom. That’s what’s in store for everyone if Simon passes his driving test.

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Episode 5

Caravan Club

Jay’s seemingly tall tales of his conquests while caravaning lead the boys to call his bluff.

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Episode 6

Xmas Party

It’s the end of the term and Will decides to make a name for himself by overseeing the Christmas Prom Committee.

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Episode 4


Will neglects his hard-won friends when he has a surprising chance to hook up with the oh-so-hot and very popular Charlotte Hinchcliffe at a party.

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