About the Show


The BAFTA award-winning comedy “The Inbetweeners,” written and created by Damon Beesley and Iain Morris (“Peep Show,” “Flight of the Conchords”), offers a painfully intimate look at the cringe-inducing humiliations of teenage life.

In Season 3, the new year holds promise for the no-so-fab four, but nothing ever goes quite as planned. Awkwardness, idiocy and sexual misadventure continue to be a part of daily life for Will, Simon, Jay and Neil. Now entering their final year at school, the boys are looking forward to gaining some newfound respect and credibility but unfortunately nothing’s changed!

Will went from being recognized as a posh private school transplant “briefcase wanker” to infamously being known now as the kid who s@#! himself during finals. Simon is romantically challenged as he tries impressing a new girl but can’t quite let go of his obsession with Carli.

Jay is busier than ever spinning his tall tales of imaginary conquests with no hope of ever getting a real girlfriend. And Neil is… well, for better or worse, he’s still Neil. One year older doesn’t necessarily mean one year wiser for this bunch of neither cool, nor credible teens in middle-class suburbia.