About the Show

About the Show

The fourteenth season of The Graham Norton Show is here!

Graham Norton, the multi-award winning comedian and host, presents his talk show based on the people, trends, stories and aspects of celebrity culture that interest him most.

He’s entertaining the masses with everything you won’t see on the news from celebrity guests’ anecdotes and sillier stories buzzing in the ether to the unique quirks and obsessions of his audience. Expect trademark Norton comedy monologues, celeb chat, eccentric stories and characters and some good old-fashioned home-grown weirdness.

The Graham Norton Show features Graham telling the sharpest jokes, trading quips with the celebrities who fascinate him and interacting with his fans.

Great guests, great stories, great characters. All this … and Graham Norton, too.

Welcome to Graham’s world!

Catch all-new episodes of The Graham Norton Show Saturdays at 10/9c.