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Episode 6

With the town now deserted and an apocalypse looming closely, Neil is desperate to find Paul before John gets to him first. During his search, he captures some of his loved ones, as a means of possibly enticing Paul into following the Angelic side. But Paul will not be blackmailed; his only mission is to fix ascension, and hopefully with Neil’s help. However, Neil is adamant that nothing should interfere with ascension.

Meanwhile, Paul’s dreams are becoming more and more gruesome and vivid. The remaining Fades are famished, but John’s only focus is nabbing Paul, once and for all. Later, Sarah threatens John and demands answers.

As such ominous events take shape, which way will Paul go? Will he follow the Angelics or take up with the Fades? The bigger question is… will he be able to save the world or end it?