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Episode 1

While heading home, seventeen-year-old Paul witnesses a terrifying creature attacking two strangers; a woman named Sarah and a local recluse named Neil. Neil and Sarah, along with a vicar named Helen, are part of a cabal of secret super-powered individuals called Angelics who guard this world from the more dangerous Fades. Polus, the frightening creature a.k.a. a Fade, has somehow found a way to interfere with the lives of living beings, which no Fade had been able to do up until now.

Paul, who has been having apocalyptic dreams that leave him completely disillusioned, eventually crosses paths with Neil. Neil realizes that the teenager’s visions may be powerful asset in fighting the Fades.

Later, Paul and his best friend Mac venture to the woods to spy on Paul’s popular twin sister Anna and her cool friends, including the beautiful Jay, who is unaware of Paul’s secret crush on her. An incorporeal Fade soon captures his attention, leaving him to chase after it.