Seventeen-year-old Paul isn’t exactly one of the popular kids. But beneath his nerdy exterior lies something quite extraordinary. Other than to his best friend Mac, he talks only when he needs to, feeling as though anything he might say would probably be under-appreciated or misunderstood. He’s always felt different, wishing he could just be normal and hang out like everyone else seems to. In some ways his journey through the series is the journey of someone who learns that being different can be an amazing thing. He’s special; it’s as simple and as complicated as that.

About Iain De Caestecker

Scottish native Iain De Caestecker has had supporting roles in "Monarch of the Glen," "Coronation Street" and "Lip Service." In late 2011, he starred as the lead character in "Young James Herriot," the BBC drama series based on the college days of English veterinarian and author James Herriot.