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Episode 6

As the truth finally emerges, Cal makes a shattering discovery. Stephen is obsessed with finding out who knew Sonia to be a plant, and who is protecting George Fergus. Cal and Cameron plan to print the story, in spite of the editor’s opposition. On the morning that Cameron’s explosive headlines hit the newsstands, Cal travels to Manchester to see Anne. He is disturbed to find her supportive of Stephen when he reveals that Sonia had been planted in his office.

Meanwhile, spin-doctor Andrew Wilson goes into overdrive masterminding an approach to the crisis. But Stephen is single-minded now in his obsession: who in the Government knew that Sonia was a plant? And why are they protecting George Fergus? His anger at the scale of the deception leads him to Cal once more; he wants to bring George down at all costs. His love for Sonia demands it.

When the paper’s executive editor puts the brakes on the story, Cal and Cameron hatch a plan to print it. With the stakes at the highest, their story takes one final, gut-wrenching turn.