About the Show


“State of Play” is a roller-coaster thriller of deception and collusion in the corridors of power. Written by Paul Abbott (“Shameless”) and directed by David Yates (“Harry Potter”), the miniseries stars Bill Nighy (“Love Actually”), John Simm (“Life on Mars”), David Morrissey (“South Riding”), James McAvoy (“X-Men: First Class”) and Kelly Macdonald (“Boardwalk Empire”).

A dynamic combination of murder, suspicion, deceit and intrigue, “State of Play” examines the tumultuous world of respected journalist Cal McCaffrey (Simm) and his sarcastic newspaper editor Cameron Foster (Nighy) as they attempt to unearth the connection that two unrelated murders have with a prominent, yet deceptive politician (Morrissey).

Revelation upon revelation pile up in the aftermath of these two seemingly unconnected events, ultimately bringing to light shady dealings between the government and major corporate powers. Friendship are tested and lives are put on the line as an intricate web of lies unfolds.