Take the ‘Spies of Warsaw’ Quiz

Congratulations to the 5 winners of an autographed copy of the Alan Furst novel, ‘Spies of Warsaw.’

Check out the answers below!



1. How long has Jean-François been in Warsaw?
A. One year
B. Two months
C. Six months
D. Two years

2. What rank is Jean-Francois Mercier?
A. Lieutenant
B. Colonel
C. Captain
D. Sergeant

3. For what kind of weapons did Uhl give Mercier diagrams for?
A. Tank turret
B. Machine Gun
C. Mortar
D. Fighter Plane

4. Complete the quote: “Wherever God has planted you, you must know how to ….”
A. Flower
B. Succeed
C. Prosper
D. Germinate

5. What does Uhl say he forgot on the train in order to elude the German guards?
A. His Hat
B. HIs Watch
C. HIs Briefcase
D. His Scarf



6. How is Olga killed?
A. She was shot
B. She was hit by a car
C. She was strangled
D. She was poisoned

7. What Cover does Mercier assume when he is discovered spying in Germany?
A. A photographer
B. A bird watcher
C. A farmer
D. A nature writer

8. Where does Uhl want to be relocated when his operation is blown?
A. Canada
B. America
C. Belgium
D. South Africa

9. What is the codename of the man in German intelligence that Mercier wants to contact?
A. Seagull
B. Parrot
C. Woodpecker
D. Sparrow

10. Where does Mercier get kidnapped at the end of the episode?
A. A Park
B. A Market
C. The French embassy
D. A Cemetery

Take the ‘Spies of Warsaw’ Quiz