Sir David Attenborough circa 1960.
Photo by BBC


Sir David Attenborough leaning against some film cans circa 1962. At this time, Attenborough was the Head of the Travel and Talks Department at the Natural History Unit.
Photo by BBC


Sir David Attenborough was all smiles on a boat in the Great Barrier Reef while filming 'Quest for the Paradise Birds' in 1957.
Photo by BBC


Sir David Attenborough taking a dive during the filming of 'Zoo Quest for the Paradise Birds' in 1957.
Photo by BBC


Sir David Attenborough chumming it up with an armadillo from 'Attenborough's Animals' in 1963.
Photo by BBC


Sir David Attenborough circa 1972.
Photo by BBC


Sir David Attenborough posing with some curious sculptures in 1975.
Photo by BBC


Sir David Attenborough with sea lions on South Georgia Island in the UK, circa 1984.
Photo by BBC


Sir David Attenborough having a staring contest with an iguana from 'Living With Dinasours' in the year 2000.
Photo by BBC


When it comes to cold-blooded animals like the ones in this shot from 2008, Sir David Attenborough says: "Reptiles and amphibians can be lethally fast, spectacularly beautiful, surprisingly affectionate and extremely sophisticated."
Photo by BBC


Sir David Attenborough helps a star tortoise pose for the camera in 2008.
Photo by BBC


Sir David Attenborough greets a three-month-old black rhino in the Lewa Wildlife Conservatory, Kenya in 2013.
Photo by BBC


Sir David Attenborough taking a dip in the Triton Submarine off the Queensland coast in 2015.
Photo by Atlantic Productions


Sir David Attenborough holding a bioluminescent millipede in the US in 2015.
Photo by Ammonite Films


Sir David Attenborough with a black noddy bird on Heron Island, Australia (photo taken just this year).
Photo by Atlantic Productions

Sir David Attenborough Through the Years

For over sixty years, famed naturalist (and ‘Planet Earth’ narrator) Sir David Attenborough has embarked on fascinating adventures on both land and sea. Explore photos of the English broadcaster through the years!