• Wendy has been a secretary at MI5 for a few years but progression for women is still a battle.

    Sarah’s rise was the exception to the rule, not the norm. So when she is loaned to the committee from the ‘Nannies’, Wendy sees it as a chance to prove herself. It’s a chance to step closer to the crucial promotions board that could see her progress to Junior Desk Officer, following in the footsteps of the revered Sarah Montag.

    The youngest member of the team, Wendy is there to take notes and assist them all, but in doing so sees deeper than anyone else, sees the tensions and alliances within MI5. Wendy has the potential for brilliance.

    Beneath her gauche and wide-eyed demeanour is a practical and instinctive intelligence and a streak of surprising ambition. And her new job is a chance to move on from scouring the Morning Star and actually involve herself in the sharp end of espionage. But in the politically treacherous world of MI5, Wendy must be careful about the alliances she makes, for these could make or destroy her.

    So when support comes from an unexpected corner, from the conniving but clever Bobby, Wendy is quick to grasp the opportunity. But in doing so, Wendy gets a lot more than she bargained for…