• Wry, sardonic and very bright, the chances are Sarah will be the first female director of MI5. She’s had to work hard to progress in the boorish male dominated world of espionage.

    But Daddy has spotted Sarah’s potential and since then her rise has been meteoric. Though Bobby might wish to take a place as the heir to Daddy’s throne, it is Sarah –‘Daddy’s girl’- who looks set to succeed. In the new committee Sarah will be indispensable, calmly running operations as well as supporting officers out in the field. Hers is the opinion everyone seeks and her instincts are invaluable in the shadowy world of espionage.

    Such preferment doesn’t go unnoticed in the Fray, but while some noses (particularly Bobby’s) have been put out of joint, Sarah is almost universally liked. She’s intelligent and kind but can be incredibly tough when she needs to be. While her husband blinks in bewilderment in the face of an insult, Sarah can return the blow with devastating accuracy.

    In fact, pity the cocky young officer who tries to impress the secretaries by ridiculing the oddball Alan Montag while Sarah’s around. She’ll protect her husband like a lioness. Sarah is one of the few senior officers who manages to maintain a happy home life alongside her work.

    Though the whisperings at the Fray became deafening the moment Sarah chose Alan, Sarah sees the best in her eccentric husband, relishing and loyally defending his intelligence and quirky charm.