• Joe is a gifted intelligence officer- an expert in undercover work he’ll go to any length to gather the intel he needs.

    MI5 makes good use of his brooding good looks and charm to gather information, but bedding forgotten wives isn’t the career Joe was destined for.

    Joe’s path through life changed after he met and recruited Yulia, a chef in the Soviet embassy. The affair was brief but charged with the intensity and desperate immediacy that can only happen in wartime. And after years of service Joe allowed himself to glimpse the hope of a new life, a life without secrets or deceit, though to reach this he would have to make the biggest betrayal of all.

    But to attempt a defection, Joe had to put his trust in those he had spent his life deceiving. After the plan went wrong Joe has returned to MI5, his secrets weighing him down. Can he start afresh or will he be forever consumed by a quest for revenge?

    When Daddy approaches him to join his special committee, Joe accepts. Partly because this is an opportunity to serve his country again, partly because the structure of missions might give him the mental dry land he needs to reassemble his personality, but also because the mission might just lead him to the KGB man who betrayed him.

    So as well as his regular assignments, Joe is pursuing a secret agenda all of his own…