• At work Bobby is the arrogant, louche and ambitious Head of K Branch (counter-espionage). Harrow, Oxford, and the Secret Services have given him confidence, wit, and an impressive address book that lets him into every corner of the British Establishment.

    But at home he is like someone living in a country under occupation, treading on eggshells for fear of antagonising his domineering and ferocious mother Hester.

    Bobby is a good intelligence officer and he will do whatever he can to get ahead. But Bobby’s successes at work aren’t quite enough to ensure he is in line for the top job. People just don’t seem to think he is cut out for leadership, or so his mother tells him. Bobby hasn’t quite lived up to expectations in other ways however, for he isn’t married, engaged or even involved with a suitable woman.

    And this fact is beginning to come to Hester’s attention. For although homosexuality has recently been legalised, the Hesters of this world see things differently, as do Bobby’s enemies on both sides of the Iron Curtain. If the world knew his secret, Bobby’s carefully built image and career would crumble around him.