Season 3 — Episode 4

Your Father, My Friend

As a lost girl wanders the dangerous streets of the East End alone, the hunt for the traumatized and vulnerable girl grows more frenzied when reports arrive that she's been 'befriended' by a renowned and iniquitous pimp. While there are still questions to answer about the death of Horace Buckley, the team of H Division unites to locate the girl.

Jackson confronts Dr. Frayn over her involvement in concealing the young girl, and it is her words which lead the team back to the haunting case of Jack the Ripper — the unsolved mystery which started this perilous journey for them all. Could this lost girl's footsteps enable ghosts of the past to be laid to rest?

Tangible proof to bring Capshaw to justice finally arrives, but Capshaw and Long Susan aren't willing to forgo everything they've worked so hard for without a fight.

Detective Inspector Drake must try to find his old friend Edmund Reid and bring them to justice.