• Rachel was the first female clone raised self-aware of her origin. Susan and Ethan Duncan are her parents, however, they faked their deaths when Rachel was six-years-old and turned her over to the DYAD Institute to be reared by Neolution. Raised as a corporate cutthroat, Rachel learned to make ruthless decisions toward Neolution’s end goal of creating a ‘better human,’ but growing up this way only served to bolster her desire for power and harden her against her sisters. Stripped of family, Rachel’s one weakness is her blinding hatred of Sarah and jealousy of her motherhood. After suffering brain damage at Sarah’s hands, Rachel was brought to a mysterious headquarters where she was reunited with her mother. As much as Rachel longed for this possibility, she loathes Susan for abandoning her. As she recovers, she makes gradual steps in repairing their relationship.