‘Orphan Black’s’ Final Trip: Watch 10 New Clues


Sunday (February 26) was set to be anything but lazy for #CloneClub, and they didn’t even know it. Across Facebook and Twitter, Clone Club was treated to a new teaser… But that wasn’t all: every 10 minutes after that, they were inundated with brief clues into the the next and final season of Orphan Black. And […]

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SDCC2016: 21 OBservations from ‘Orphan Black’s’ Final Panel


If you weren’t quite able to hitch a ride to San Diego with Jesse Towing for the Orphan Black panel at Comic-Con, don’t worry—we have all the little bits that you may have missed. Comedy Bang! Bang!’s Scott Aukerman hosted the show’s final SDCC panel before its fifth and final season in 2017. The host was joined by […]

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Q&A: Art Director Jody Clement and Graphic Designer Joelle Craven


Editor’s Note: We culled your questions from Facebook and Twitter for this week’s Q&A with an Orphan Black crew member. This week it’s Art Director Jody Clement and Assistant Art Director/Graphic Designer Joelle Craven. 1. @virginiapelleg4 via Twitter: who paints the murals in Fe’s apartment? Jody Clement: Hi, @virginiapelleg4! The murals in Fe’s apartment are a […]

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Q&A: Editor Jay Prychidny


“But, I knew [the Cosima-Delphine] scenes were pretty special when I was putting them together. The whole structure of the finale hinged on those scenes really working well, but I never had any worries there.Those two just have a certain magic that comes across on screen.”

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Episode 10: What You Didn’t Know About ‘From Dancing Mice to Psychopaths’


Here are behind-the-scenes secrets from our very own Orphan Black production team!  MIMOSA? The restaurant where Krystal and her BFF — who you will recognize from the salon last year — have brunch is located in the lobby of Le Germain Hotel in downtown Toronto. That same hotel doubles for the Brightborn reception in Episode 406. […]

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