Season 3 Finale: Q&A with Graeme Manson and Aubrey Nealon


Season 4 Writers’ Assistant, Renée St. Cyr, sat down with Graeme Manson and Aubrey Nealon to ask them a few questions about Season 3’s finale and what’s in store for Season 4. Renée: Hey Clone Club! This is Rae. I’m sitting across from these awesome writers — Graeme and Nealon — in the Season 4 writers’ room. […]

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Russ Cochrane: Love, Blood, and Sacrifice


Editor’s Note: This week, we hear from Episode 9’s writer: Russ Cochrane. Here’s a little fact that may not be all that surprising: writing Orphan Black is a complete trip. Getting to play with complex characters, flesh out compelling backstories, and navigate this often bullet-train-paced story with hairpin turns is as fun to create as […]

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Chris Roberts Q&A: Playing Games


Editor’s Note: This week’s episode writer, Chris Roberts, answers our burning questions about… this episode: What inspired you when creating the new clone, Krystal Goderitch? And did Krystal change for you from your writing her to Tatiana’s performing her? Chris Roberts: That’s sort of a chicken and the egg question. Krystal was conceived at the start […]

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Sherry White: A Little Breather


I was a late-comer to the Orphan Black writing team. I came into the show already a fan, and though that was cool, it was kind of intimidating. I knew right away I was slotted to write the Alison “farce” episode, and I was warned that they are the hardest ones. After Aubrey’s amazing and intense […]

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Aubrey Nealon: Paul’s Goodbye


When you write on a show as serialized as Orphan Black, you don’t get to decide what stories you’ll tell in your episode. Your job is to provide a chapter in the larger story, often working with beats that were mapped out by the writing team as a whole many weeks before. Sometimes this means […]

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Unexplained Phenomena


Editor’s Note: We culled your questions from this blog, Facebook, and Tumblr for this week’s questions. See Cosima’s responses below and be sure to submit your own! From awildofnothing: Hi Cosima! Do you think that there are things that are inexplicable, or just things that are unexplained (in terms of phenomena like Cosima’s apparent recovery)? […]

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Alex Levine: ‘Bottle-Types’ and Contortionists


Back in the heat of summer, as we were breaking the season, we knew episode 305 was supposed to be a smaller “bottle-type” show, meaning we would lean heavily on our existing sets and try to shoot the episode in seven days. But as the season-long narrative unfolded, the 305 elements began to emerge: Sarah […]

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Russ Cochrane: Blood, Mud, and Vodka


This week’s entry was written by Russ Cochrane Every episode of every show, no matter what it is, is a challenge to build from the ground up. It’s often an incredibly long and painful process to figure out the story you want to tell and the very best way to tell it. But it can also […]

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BBC America Greenlights ‘Orphan Black’ for Season 4!


It’s time to party, #CloneClub! BBC AMERICA announced today the renewal of its award-winning original series Orphan Black for a fourth season. The drama has been re-commissioned for a 10-episode order from Temple Street Productions and is slated to air in 2016. Hailed as “utterly original and spellbinding” by The Daily Beast and “a multi-layer cake […]

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