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Q&A: Kristian Bruun Explains Why Donnie Always Runs Away

6. @b2thchil4s: what do you like least about Donnie?
KB: I felt like he could’ve been stronger at times. I loved those few moments when he stepped up to the plate and protected his family, but ultimately it’s more Alison’s show than Donnie’s, and I feel like seeing her win the day is what people wanted to see. And I was happy to see her get that. Now I know what it’s like to play the damsel in distress! It’s not nearly as much fun as being the hero! For years, the majority of female roles in TV and Film had been relegated to that, and it’s good to see women get the on-screen strength they deserve.

7. @ASestraClone Why do you think Donnie always runs away when there is trouble?
KB: Two reasons. 1. He scared. For sure. 2. He also knows he’s more useful free than captured. “Live to fight another day” and all that…

8. @neihausbrochu funniest moment on set during s5 filming?
KB: ALL of Episode 3. I can’t wait for you to enjoy it. It was such a blast to film. The whole damn bloody thing.


9. @_Mrieke_ What is your favourite improve line??
KB: Tatiana improv-ing with herself in a clone scene! It took two days to film the dinner scene at the end of Season 3, and yet that insane force of nature┬ámanaged to remember an improv line she did as Helena about the babka cake the day before. I just tried to keep up with her as Alison…

10. Gina H. via Facebook: When you first started playing Donnie, he was quite different. Were you able to have any input on his evolution to the current Donnie.
KB: I always felt welcome and comfortable in the writers’ room, and I might make small suggestions from time to time, but for the most part, the writers quickly learned to write to my strengths and voice. That’s what a good writer room does. I was always impressed by what they came up with, and was happy to try to fulfill their vision. When you have writers that good and caring, you just try to keep up.

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