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The Hive Recap: Variable and Full of Perturbation

Tony “Trans Bandit” Sawicki

The Hive Observations, Unexpected Results, and Mind-Benders

Clone Deconstruction
Tony is a character that Stephen Lynch (makeup), Sandy Sokolowski (hair), Debra Hanson (wardrobe), and Tatiana worked on all season. During Tatiana’s small windows of time off, she would often stay on set to do camera tests, makeup tests, wig tests, and wardrobe tests. About four or five tests were run in order to find the right look and organically create the character.

Monitoring Tony
Bishop Brigante, the actor who plays Sammy, is a rapper foremost and an actor second. Here’s a close-up of the damage on Sammy and Tony’s getaway van.


Tony’s busted getaway van.

Drill Bit
Drilling Kira’s tooth was a multistep process. Our props master Geoff Marin (pictured below) found us the perfect sized drill to pre-drill the tooth, paint the inside red (to look like the roots of the tooth—here the stem cells are found) and repack the hole with white dust so that on camera the fake drill would look realistic. Finally, we had camera assistant Michael Battistone research what types of micro-cameras would work best onscreen. We ended up renting three different cameras to find the right look. The entire process took nearly three days of work, all for about fifteen seconds of screen time.


Props master Geoff Marin playing dentist.

Here’s director John Fawcett modeling the micro-glasses that Scott uses for drilling into Kira’s tooth.


Director John Fawcett, taking Scott’s micro-glasses for a spin.

Mini-Bottles. Big Mistake.
Here at The Hive we love Alison and her little bottles of booze. We also love Donnie in tighty whities. So how would Donnie drown his murderer’s guilt? In bed, in his tighty whities, cleaning out Alison’s hidden mini-bottle collection, of course.


99 mini-bottles of booze in the bed…

The game that Scott and his fellow “battle bitches” play in Cosima’s lab is a real game called Runewars. John Fawcett is a secret board game geek, and it was his prerogative to get one of his favorite games into the show this season. John wouldn’t settle for just any version of the game either. He brought in his own copy of Runewars, a special 3D board that has been discontinued. He also recruited his close friend Julian to be an on-set specialist and extra in the scene. Julian (pictured below) made sure all the moves were authentic to a real game of Runewars.


“Pillage!” – Cosima Niehaus

Psychedelic Seestra
Alison’s signature lip color is Clarin’s “Raspberry” and her magical eyeliner is “Psychedelic Sister” by Urban Decay.


“I’m going to keep the promise I made to you when we first met. That one day I’d get you completely baked.” – Cosima Niehaus

Cophine Highs
Cosima and Delphine use a vaporizer to get “completely baked.” We chose this type of paraphernalia because of Cosima’s health condition. No more smoking joints—so vapor it was.


High times with Cosima’s vaporizer.

Pitch Perfect
Cosima and Delphine’s helium voices were done in post-production. It’s too dangerous for actors to inhale helium continuously for all of the takes necessary to shoot a scene. So Tatiana and Evelyne had to act it out and the voice pitch was changed in post.


“Whoa.” – Tony Sawicki
“Shite.” – Sarah Manning

Time Vampire
Typically when two clones touch or interact, we have to use the Technodolly, otherwise known on set as the Time Vampire, because of it’s tendency to be a huge time suck! For the Tony and Sarah collision, we didn’t have time to use the Technodolly, but luckily our amazing VFX team at Intelligent Creatures were able to figure out how to do it old school and use camera lock-offs. Pretty well done!


“Fluidity doesn’t shock me.” – Felix Dawkins

One Take
The scene between Felix and Tony before Tony storms off and bumps into Sarah is Orphan Black’s longest single take. If you watch carefully, John Fawcett executed a wonderfully smooth single shot, and Jordan and Tatiana executed flawless acting.

Cover Art
The cover of The Island of Doctor Moreau was hand-drawn by the art department, and the codes inside were created by the art department’s Sash Kosovic and The Hive’s Chris Roberts.

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