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The Hive Recap: Knowledge Of Causes, And Secret Motion Of Things


“I made something for you…” – Alison Hendrix

The Hive Observations, Unexpected Results, and Mind-Benders

Pinkieless Gloves
It has been a long-running joke within the Hive that Vic needs to wear pinkieless gloves now that he’s missing his pinkie finger. The opening tease has Alison gifting her homemade pinkie-less gloves to Vic, and it still makes all of us howl. Alison is the perfect person to give Vic those gloves and its so sadly sweet that Alison ends the tease clutching her handmade gift to Vic as she overhears his betrayal.


Rehab Family Day name tags, courtesy of Alison “Craft Room of Terror” Hendrix.

Name Game
The nametags that Alison and Vic are crafting for Family Day at rehab feature the names of a lot of crew, writers, and family and friends. Its always fun for the art department to feature their kids’, parents’, or friends’ names on-screen for a second—especially when they have to build 70 individual name tags.

Set Inspection: Hoarders or Orphan Black?
Props sourced out about six different fake rats before we settled on the one that Sarah finds in Duncan’s kitchen closet. Just another art department gem to really hammer home Duncan’s hoarder-like tendencies.

Do Not Disturb
This is the first episode in the series where we call Felix in the middle of the night and he’s not awake and up to something scandalous. We thought that for once we would show Felix in a natural, everyday way—actually sleeping!


Dr. Leekie (Matt Frewer) examining an artificially-created womb.

Artificial Womb
As seen above, the “artificial womb” that Leekie is working on when Paul comes to his office was designed by the animator who we use to create our computer backgrounds. To simulate human tissue, he used boiled egg whites suspended in water. He poured them into a glass bowl, added food coloring, and projected a light from below. He then videotaped the mixture and added animation on top of the film to create the final product. Turns out you can’t create an authentic tissue-like look with computer animation alone.


“He looks like he was molested by elves.” – Felix Dawkins

Sparkles and Glitter
We had a read-through during lunch on the day that we filmed Vic passing out on the table. Poor Michael Mando had to sit through the whole read-through with the sparkles, feathers, and blood on his face so that we could maintain continuity over lunch. Here’s Gracie (Zoe De Grand’Maison), Donnie (Kristian Bruun), and Mark (Ari Millen) having fun with Vic (Mando) after the read-through.


Behind-the-scenes with Zoe, Kristian, Ari, and Michael.

Right on the Nose
Geoff Scovell, the stuntman who performed Vic’s fall, really went for it. Actually he went for it so much that he ended up breaking his nose in the process. So that’s a very real spill you’re seeing. Luckily we got the shot in one take so he didn’t have to risk life and limb any further!


Michael Mando’s stunt double, Geoff Scovell.

We always like having fun with clones being forced to play other clones, especially when the character has no time to prepare. We reference episode 106 in this episode by having Sarah pretending to be Alison again. But this time, she wasn’t given much time to prepare. In order to hide her lack of bangs we thought we needed a hat. Luckily Tatiana grabbed a headband from Alison’s wardrobe, threw it on in a fitting, and voilà! She looks like a stressed-out Alison.


“I’m being Alison being Donnie?” – Sarah Manning, rehab role-playing.

Ken Girotti captured the first ever four-clone Clone scene in episode 207. With the simple use of a mirror, he beat out all the other directors to get the most Tatianas in one shot. It might not be four different characters, but we tip our hat to his smart direction.

Here’s a snapshot of one of the “hero” teeth we had on hand for Kira’s heroic moment in the camper.


RIP Leekie
We hope we got you with that one! No VFX of any kind were used in that scene. Believe it or not we did it old-school, using practical special effects. The way our team created Leekie’s head sliding down the window was probably the most interesting of the practical events used in this scene. They took a bald stuntman and attached a flesh-like sponge to his head. Our special effects team soaked it in blood and brain-like material so that when the stuntman slammed his head to the glass he was protected by the sponge and the blood and bits of brain would stream down the window.


“Serves us right, putting a lab coat in the big chair.” – Marion Bowles

Love Is All Around
We knew that we needed the perfect song to end this episode. We also knew it had to have some Orphan Black irony embedded in it. After trying out punk songs, slow songs, romantic songs, and folk songs we ended up using The Troggs’ “Love is All Around.” We think it ties Family Day at rehab and Leekie’s death together in the perfect way, making it an amazing addition to our OB music catalog. We love taking a classic song and giving it a demented twist!

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