Alex Levine: My Favorite Clone to Write

Well, here we are. The Swan Song. The final season of Orphan Black. It’s been a long crazy ride — since developing this show with Graeme and John back in 2008, to a three-year hibernation, to a green light, to finding the incomparable Tatiana Maslany, to the award-winning and truly original vision that you see on […]

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Jeremy Boxen: For M.K., It’s Personal


Editor’s Note: The Hive is Orphan Black’s weekly Writers’ Room blog. Each week, someone intimately involved with that week’s production will take you behind the scenes. This week is one of Episode 9’s scribes, Jeremy Boxen. Clone Club, So this episode was kind of a daunting thrill to write. To pen a script for such a talented […]

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Episode 1: What You Didn’t Know About ‘The Few Who Dare’


 THE BEGINNING OF THE END Often we start prepping a new season of OB we begin without an office already set up. So sometimes for the first few days we all work without desks or tables. Fun Fact: Ever since Season 2, when the show had finally aired and was popular, we have had to […]

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That’s a Wrap! ‘Orphan Black’ Cast and Crew React to Last Day of Production


We’re sorry for what we’re about to show you, Clone Club. But remember, we’re all in this together. Orphan Black wrapped its fifth and final season yesterday, March 21, and the cast and crew couldn’t help but share the bittersweet moment on Twitter. Grab the tissues cause here’s what happened: Cue the waterworks, Executive Producer […]

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