One Fettered Slave

A devastating loss is eclipsed when word reaches Sarah that Helena has been kidnapped!


Guillotines Decide

Mrs. S orders the sisters to take a night off from sleuthing to celebrate Felix's art opening

Gag or Throttle

Rachel discovers a dark secret that makes her question her place within Neolution


Manacled Slim Wrists

Krystal stumbles onto a vital clue to the Neolution endgame


Ease for Idle Millionaires

Cosima joins Delphine at the mansion for a twisted family dinner


Let The Children and Childbearers Toil

Cosima's research leads her to a discovery more terrible than she could have ever imagined

Beneath Her Heart

Alison seeks to return to her community center, but Bailey Downs has moved on from her


Clutch of Greed

Captured by Neolution Sarah receives a damning ultimatum from Rachel


The Few Who Dare

Sarah is deeply wounded and struggling to stay alive on the Island