Grade yourself below.


1. In 2005, at a small pond in Hamburg, 1,000 toads exploded. Upon performing autopsies on the toads, scientists discovered that all the toads were missing their livers. What caused these toads to explode?

a. An autoimmune virus
b. An infection of the liver
c. Crow attack

2. Every year, in Estes Park, Colorado the mating season drives hundreds of Elks to attack anything that moves. Their huge antlers dent cars, trees and even people. Right before the elk get ready to charge they display all of the following behaviors except:

a. Position their ears backwards
b. Open their eyes wide
c. Thrust their legs backwards
d. Jet their head out

3. Once a year, on Christmas Island, the sand literally turns red as billions of tiny crabs march out of the sea for a period of three solid weeks. What natural event prompts the crabs to come out of the water and invade the sandy beaches?

a. The third full moon within 3 weeks
b. The winter arrival of the Monsoon rains
c. Series of mini earthquakes caused by local volcanic disruptions




4. Red-billed Quelea are the most abundant bird in Africa with an adult breeding population of 1.5 billion pairs. Why might this be a huge problem?

a. Huge flocks of Quelea, 2 million at a time, create their own disruptive weather patterns
b. The Quelea can eat 20 tons of grain a day, wiping out an entire farm
c. The flocks require so much water they wipe out feeding ponds that mammals rely on

5. In the 1950’s, on the tiny island of Guam in the western pacific, a significant amount of the wildlife population started to systematically disappear. Which of the following species was stowed away on military shipments and brought to the island?

a. Black diamond spiders
b. Large tree toads
c. Brown tree snakes

6. In August 2012, the largest Burmese python ever recorded, weighed in at 165lbs and was captured in:

a. Florida Everglades
b. Papua New Guinea
c. Yapen rain forest




7. The origin of Burmese pythons is from:

a. South America
b. Africa
c. South East Asia

8. In 2011, a dormant volcano in Iceland erupted causing lava to flow down the mountain and huge plumes of ashes, as high as 30, 000 feet, to enter into the atmosphere. Which of the following statements is true about how the ashes affected Northern Europe?

a. Airports were shut down and all flights were cancelled
b. Freak flashes of lighting appeared in the plumes of ashes
c. The sky became completely dark
d. All of the above

9. In March 2011, from a helicopter aerial view, scientists discovered a herd of 55 musk oxen frozen solid on the ice. What caused an entire herd of musk oxen to be frozen on the spot?

a. A sheet of ice broke away from the mainland and the oxen froze in the water
b. The oxen were so hungry they clasped from starvation
c. The temperature of the arctic on that day got so cold that the oxen froze while walking

10. Musk oxen can live year round in the arctic climate. How many layers of fur do musk oxen have?

a. One
b. Two
c. Three





11. Dogs have a sense of smell over 10,000 times better than humans. (TRUE)

12. When Monarch Butterflies migrate to warmer climates they can only travel as much as a couple hundred miles. (FALSE: Using their navigation abilities, they can cover over 2,000 miles).

13. Once a mayfly is in its adult form, it has no mouthparts to eat; therefore, it becomes a race against time to mate before it starves to death. (TRUE)

14. In order for a colony of 245,000 South American fire ants to respond to danger, hundreds of fellow ants must join together in order to make the signal loud enough. (FALSE: It only takes one fire ant to signal for the whole colony to respond).

15. What we perceive as a single bolt of lightning could be composed of up to 25 super-fast, sub-bolt flashes. (TRUE)