1. In France, a colony of bees was discovered that makes shocking multi-colored honey in the following color(s):
a. Blue
b. Green
c. Both Blue and Green

2. One New Year’s Eve, residents of Beebe, Arkansas were horrified when 5,000 red-winged blackbirds fell from the sky. An event referred to as the “aflockalypse” seemed to have no explanations. Can you guess what caused this eerie real-life mirroring of Alfred Hitchcock’s movie “The Birds”?
a. Excessive pollution in the atmosphere
b. Piercing loud booms of fireworks
c. Magnetic field disruption

3. This Frankenstein frog is the only amphibian north of the Arctic Circle, which has the uncanny ability to freeze itself solid in the winter with no heart beat and magically come back to life in the spring. Can you name it?

a. Blue Dart Frog
b. Glass Frog
c. Wood Frog

4. What triggers calm, harmless, and solitary grasshoppers to manifest into crop-chomping, swarming and unstoppable locusts?

a. Packed density of surrounding grasshoppers
b. Chemical release of serotonin
c. Extreme weather conditions such as drought
d. All of the above

5. In Brisbane, Australia players at the Carbrook Golf Club became suspicious that the water hazard was a lot more dangerous than anyone could imagine. Can you guess what explains this shocking and strange activity that occurred in the landlocked pond of the golf course?
a. Water Snakes
b. Bull Sharks
c. Crocodiles

6. These are one of the few land mammals which possesses extraordinary memory and the ability to remember migration paths from as old as 60 years ago.
a. Giraffes
b. Rhinoceroses
c. Elephants

7. In 2009, after returning from an expedition in central Africa, a man started experiencing severe swelling of different body parts. After seeking medical attention, he learned a parasite from the swamp had entered into his body and was now growing and traveling throughout. What in the world could have caused this horrible infection?

a. Lola Lola – The African Eye worm
b. Echinococcus – A Parasitic Tapeworm
c. Strongyloides stercoralis – A Roundworm

8. In Tennessee, a breed of goats with a rare genetic disorder has been found to have which of the following reactions when scared or excited?

a. Becomes temporarily paralyzed and faints
b. Sprints away from the situation and equates its running speed to that of a cheetah
c. Sneezes repeatedly until the threat has disappeared

9. In the deep seas of Tasmania, an enormous glowing tube-shaped structure was discovered hanging in the water. Divers confirmed that the structure not only represented one large organism but tens of thousands of microscopic clone organisms that lived together and traveled the ocean as one unit. What is the name of this free-floating glowing object?

a. Pyrosome
b. Nudibranch
c. Hydromedusa

10. How many eggs can a South American fire ant produce in one day?
a. 400
b. 2,000
c. Too many to keep count


1. The only amphibian found north of the Arctic Circle is known as the wood frog which has the uncanny ability to freeze itself solid in the winter with no heart beat or measurable brain activity and magically come back to like in the spring. (TRUE)

2. House mice are present all over the world, but only plague in two countries: Western China and New Zealand. (FALSE: Western China and Australia)

3. Locusts have cannibalistic tendencies spurred on by their need for protein. Therefore, their swarm like nature causes them to crave the locusts in front of them while frantically running away from the locusts behind them. (TRUE)

4. Starfish produce up to 65 million eggs in one season. (TRUE)

5. There are 1,000 different species of crab in the world. (FALSE: There are 5,000)

6. Lady bugs are notorious for being pests, and farmers try everything they can to get rid of their presence in gardens. (FALSE: They are loved for their huge appetite for aphids – a species of plant lice.)

7. Among various crop-eating pests that farmers are concerned with, the highly revolutionized “walking catfish” has a genetic adaptation, which miraculously allows it to breathe out of water, to chow down on farmers’ crops, and to be categorized under the Top 100 Worst Invaders. (TRUE)