• Eve always dreamed that she’d be working as a spy in a secret assassin-hunting department for MI5, but really she is just a desk jockey tasked with assigning protection to foreign people of interest during their trips to London.

    Eve is half British but was born in Connecticut. She was fiercely ambitious growing up, but mainly to impress her father, who she adored. Always fascinated by women in crime, she excelled in her degree in criminal psychology. When her father died her momentum slightly slowed; she wasn't sure who she was trying to impress anymore. Her father’s memorial brought her back to the UK, she met Niko and never really left. Eve started at MI5 and spends her work assessing risk, yet has spent a life absent from any kind of it.

    Eve is slightly disappointed in her world as it is now. She’s a little rough around the edges. She has a short temper and can be occasionally gross. Like the rest of us, when shit’s not exciting, Eve just gets a bit lazy.

    Struggling to find meaning in her work, Eve’s ennui is beginning to get the better of her. She doesn’t have a drug dependence problem or an unhappy domestic situation. Her husband Niko really is great. He loves Eve. So why can’t she shake a creeping sense of dissatisfaction?

    Underneath her air of “a woman content with her lot in life” is a woman looking for trouble. To combat her boredom, Eve has secretly been tracking a new female assassin. Eve wants it all, the action, the blood, the rule breaking and the femme-fatales. But she’s beginning to realize her secret passion for the gloriously awful may be nothing but a fantasy. Until one day, her fantasy crosses her path.