• Charismatic, erudite, incredibly well-read and irreverent, Carolyn is a principled yet ruthless leader in her field. As a young agent on the ground in Moscow in the 80s, she cultivated one of MI6’s most valuable assets and has since saved the world at least three times.

    Naturally suspicious, a spate of un-attributable assassinations around the world has prompted her to set up a secret unit to investigate.

    A literal and strategic woman, Carolyn is smart enough to know when someone has a specific talent, and is not shy about pointing out qualities or perspectives other people have that she might lack. She sees that Eve thinks outside the box and where everyone else has dismissed her, she admires and encourages her. She herself is not a maverick, but she’s very good at hiring them.

    Having set up the secret unit, Carolyn puts Eve in charge of it. She needs a group that can be invisible and work without the restraints of a typical MI6 unit.

    Carolyn has formed intimate relationships with her foreign counterparts on more than one occasion – an occupational hazard. She is on her fourth husband and her only child went to boarding school; she’s obsessed with her work.