Season 2 — Episode 1

Episode 1

Partially Deceased Sufferer (PDS), Kieren Walker, is now in the seemingly PDS-friendly world of Roarton.

Keeping his head down, working soul destroying shifts in the Legion pub and squirreling money into his ‘escape fund’, Kieren only has one problem – himself. Still wrestling with ‘what’ he is, Kieren desperately wants to leave Roarton and start a new life.

But as tensions re-ignite, that dream may be further away than he thinks. When Victus MP Maxine Martin enters Roarton, Kieren senses that danger is approaching.

And with Victus whipping up hatred and the Undead Liberation Army retaliating violently, things will go from bad to worse.

But a little light has returned to Kieren’s life when his BDFF (best dead friend forever), Amy Dyer, makes her return to Roarton.

His delight however, is cut short by Amy’s opinionated beau, ULA member Simon.

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