• “I can’t put a bullet through me mock exams...unfortunately.” - Jem

    Ballsy and opinionated, the former ‘Rambo of Roarton’, Jem Walker, was flooded with emotions when her brother Kieren returned from the dead.

    Anger and mistrust eventually turned to joy as she rebuilt their bond and accepted him back into her life.

    But now, the ex-HVF soldier has another battle on her hands. Having rejoined society as a civilian and returned to school to take her GCSEs (General Certificate of Secondary Education) exams, 18 year-old Jem, is understandably having a hard time fitting in with peers that are younger than she is.

    On top of this, her wartime experiences are haunting her every move, but she is too proud to tell anyone.

    Desperate to fit in anywhere, will Jem seek acceptance in her new world, or solace in her old one?