• “We should be free to go wherever we want, however we want. Basic human rights, hun.” - Amy

    Kieren Walkers BDFF (Best Dead Friend Forever), Amy Dyer has a lust for the afterlife that is contagious.

    In their untreated states, Amy and Kieren were hunting partners before they were reunited in Roarton, where they navigated their new world together.

    Amy, disgusted by the Living’s treatment of PDS Sufferers, left Kieren to join an ULA commune. But Amy is back with a charismatic ‘beau’, and the mission to demand the respect she deserves. She’s still the wonderful, sunny Amy we know and love, but commune life, and the ULA’s teaching has given her an edge that scares Kieren.

    Now, Amy has more than Roarton’s bigotry and Kieren’s feelings to be worried about. Privately, her health has taken a turn when her hands develop an inexplicable tremor.

    Is she developing immunity to the drug that’s made PDS sufferers human again?