Rick Macy

Roarton born and bred, 18-year-old Rick is the only son of Bill, the unofficial leader of the village. Read Full Bio


Bill Macy

Bill comes from a long line of working class laborers and army men. Intimidating, no nonsense, Bill sees the world in black and white, good versus evil. Read Full Bio


Vicar Oddie

A religious zealot and Parish leader, Vicar Oddie once stood at the head of the HVF, which he formed with other members of the community. Read Full Bio


Jemima Walker

Ballsy and opinionated, the former ‘Rambo of Roarton’, Jem, was flooded with emotions when her brother Kieren returned from the dead. Read Full Bio


Gary Kendal

Gary was a hero during the Rising, but has now been reduced to poaching rogue rabids in the woods and bringing them to safety. Read Full Bio


Maxine Martin

Maxine Martin is the fiery, switched-on Victus party MP who erupts into the village of Roarton and refuses to leave. Read Full Bio