Episode 2

A crooning Texan cowboy struts into the Den

Episode 3

A trio of former ad-men provide the Dragons with a tough quizzing

Episode 4

A Glasgow couple demo their yoga franchise

Episode 5

A feisty entrepreneur faces the Dragons armed with her all-pink car-care range

Episode 6

Two recent graduates bring campus styling into the Den

Episode 7

A Bulgarian inventor of a self-filling bath pitches for a colossal one million pounds

Episode 8

A former Team Great Britain triathlete pitches an innovative sports recovery drink

Episode 9

A Yorkshire couple go all out to present their glamorous camping business

Episode 10

A Ghanaian entrepreneur brings in his chocolate drink startup

Episode 11

A London mom pitches a confidence-building children's toy

Episode 12

Two business women bring in a pair of alpacas for their pitch