• The Doctor has met many vile and brutal monsters during his travels but there was something chilling in Solomon’s total disregard for life - something so unspeakable that even the Doctor appeared unmoved by his terrible fate after leaving the Silurian ship.

    Solomon was a trader who tricked his way onto the Silurian spaceship. Once on board he realised the profit its cargo could bring and therefore ruthlessly killed its crew using two murderous robots he had bought cheaply from a concession on Illyria Seven. But things started to go wrong for Solomon when three raptors attacked him and injured his legs… Worse still, he found he couldn’t fly the spaceship and was therefore trapped with its precious cargo.

    When the Doctor and his friends boarded the ship, Solomon soon showed his callousness – ordering his robots to injure Brian because the Doctor questioned him. He demanded that the Time Lord repair his damaged limbs but making an enemy of the Doctor proved his undoing. When he tried to leave, abandoning the dinosaurs and kidnap Nefertiti in order to capitalise on her ‘value’, the Doctor placed a device in his craft that the ISA’s missile had locked onto. The Doctor rescued Nefertiti from the ship but left Solomon on board… Moments after the Doctor’s departure, the missiles found their mark and the vessel was destroyed in a fireball in space.