Dirk Gently

Funny, eloquent, rude, and a tiny bit presumptuous, Dirk Gently has strange psychic abilities that enable him to sense tangential connections. He’s turned these abilities into his new profession: that of a “holistic detective,” a term that reflects his belief in the fundamental interconnectedness of all things... Read Full Bio


Todd Brotzman

A frustrated loser and fallen punk rock front man, Todd’s life is a dead-end. But when he stumbles into a bizarre murder scene, everything drastically changes... Read Full Bio


Amanda Brotzman

Amanda always wanted to be in a band like her brother Todd. Her spunky, smart, wild and impulsive personality defines who she is… or at least who she was... Read Full Bio


Farah Black

A neurotic, bad-ass security officer to a billionaire, Farah has brooding, nervous energy and an easy snarl that’s triggered at the slightest provocation... Read Full Bio


Bartine (Bart) Curlish

Bart is a terrifying, homicidal, deranged, fearless and nearly invincible self-identified holistic assassin. She’s rough, rude, kind of gross, and an upsetting person, but there’s a complex sweetness to her... Read Full Bio



A nerdy, friendly-faced tech trapped in increasingly difficult and bloody circumstances... Read Full Bio


The Rowdy 3

The Rowdy 3 – all four of them – composed of the aloof Martin, the manic Vogel, the ever-stoic Gripps, and the deranged Cross, are vampires. Not the night-walking bloodsucking kind, but rather something much stranger… if that’s possible... Read Full Bio