Season 1 — Episode 2

Episode 2

As the mystery around Danny Latimer's death deepens, DI Hardy and DS Miller must work fast to identify the key suspects.

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Full Recap

The ramifications of Danny’s murder start to hit home, all around Broadchurch. Holiday bookings are cancelled, and townspeople are worried for their childrens’ safety. Meanwhile the Latimer family struggle to cope with their grief.

Paul Coates tells Beth’s mum, Liz Roper, that he wants to help. Liz tells him he can give the town hope. Paul decides to speak to the local media on behalf of the town.

As DI Alec Hardy walks the route of Danny’s paper round, DS Ellie Miller leads the search of the Latimer house. Hardy finds an isolated, clifftop hut that piques his curiosity, as Ellie finds some suspicious items taped under Danny’s bed, and in Chloe’s room. When questioned, Chloe tells Ellie to talk to Becca Fisher, who runs The Traders Hotel. Ellie and Hardy question Becca – she insists she has nothing to do with Danny’s death.

Unable to sit in the house, Beth heads out – and ends up at the supermarket. People stare – they know who she is. She breaks down, but Paul happens to be there to comfort her. She tells him a secret – and swears him to secrecy.