• DS Ellie Miller has rebuilt her life after Joe Miller was found ‘not guilty’ by a jury for the murder of Danny Latimer — a crime that he is unequivocally guilty of. Ellie is bringing up her sons as a single mom, caring for her elderly father and back on the team at Broadchurch CID.

    Beth places much of the blame of Danny’s death on Ellie’s shoulders. Now, Ellie struggles to deal with her new reality. She looks forward to the day when her son, Tom, accepts her back, praying that Joe will soon be convicted – only then can she and Tom begin to move on. When Hardy asks for Ellie to help him put an old case to rest, it presents an opportunity for her to make something right again in the world – a feeling she desperately needs. At the same time, Hardy’s past introduces Ellie to someone who might just understand her pain.