• Raised by the werewolf McNair, Tom grew up thinking that he was a natural born lycanthrope whose mother was killed by vampires. It isn't until he meets George and Nina that he learns the truth about his origins. When Tom was a baby, his parents were murdered by a transformed McNair, and Tom was scratched. Realizing that he had passed on his curse to a child, a guilt-ridden McNair raised the baby as his own son.

    Tom harbors a hatred of vampires that was passed on from his father. Most of Tom's childhood was spent traveling the country in a camper van with McNair, hunting down vampires. This isolated upbringing created a longing for a stable family, a "pack" of sorts. He finally finds this at Honolulu Heights.

    When McNair is killed by Herrick, Tom is left alone and turns to the only other werewolf he knows - George. Sadly George doesn't live long enough to be much of a role model for the youth, but before George passes on, he instructs Tom to look after Annie and Eve, a task which Tom embraces wholeheartedly.

    With a new home, new friends, and a new purpose, Tom is living a completely different life and adjusting to changes as they come.