• While she was alive, Annie was happy and living with her fiance Owen, but after her tragic and untimely death Annie couldn't let go. After several months of haunting every individual who entered the house, Annie had the shock of her afterlife when George and Mitchell arrived and could actually see her! This gave Annie a new lease on "life," but also forced her to make some tricky decisions. First and foremost—she had to face up to her death and begin embracing life as a ghost. Often misguided and frequently naive, Annie has done a lot of growing up since meeting George and Mitchell and her journey is constantly evolving.

    Even in death Annie doesn't struggle for admirers. Her kind heart and willingness to help others causes both humans and ghosts to fall in love with her on a regular basis. But don't let her softness fool you—this ghost is no doormat! Annie's inner strength and kick-ass attitude have brought her through struggles with both vampires and death, on more than one occasion. The only thing working against Annie is time itself, as she often finds herself wondering if she will ever "pass over." For Annie nothing changes, from her face to her clothes, and regular humans cannot see her, which is something even George and Mitchell don't have to struggle with. But as long as Annie has her friends she's got something solid to live for.