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Sonic Screwdriver
Sonic screwdriver

Doctor Who continues to push the boundaries of science. In the popular British sci-fi series, the Doctor uses a “sonic screwdriver” to open doors, manipulate objects, and other feats. But could the Doctor’s wand of wonder become a reality?

A British professor with a really awesome name — Bruce Drinkwater — is heading a group of researchers creating such a device, according to Popsci.  “Drinkwater, a professor at Bristol University, is working with a youth science program called Big Bang to inspire young engineers. He said researchers are studying how to manipulate ultrasonic waves — sound waves humans cannot hear – to create a twisting force, like that of a mini-tornado, to remotely turn screws.”

Very cool. It’ll certainly come in handy if you need to tighten a faulty door hinge — or if you’re ever faced with a menacing band of rogue Cybermen.

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By Kevin Wicks
Kevin Wicks is the founding editor of Anglophenia.