Winner of 14 honors, including two British Academy Awards and two International Emmys, "Ab Fab" is written by and stars Jennifer Saunders as Edina, the demented PR guru obsessed with keeping up with the times and Joanna Lumley as best mate Patsy, the magazine editor who can't find her office and has a penchant for pill-popping and young men. Reminiscing on their younger days, Edina remarks to her friend, "You used to go out with Keith Moon, sweetie." "Well I woke up underneath him once," Patsy vaguely recalls.

Saffy (Julia Sawalha), Edina's disapproving and ultra "straight" teenage daughter also returns. Saffy's idea of a good time is a discussion on critical thinking. "You live your life to the level of boredom that would make a battery chicken take up an evening class," declares her hedonistic mother in disgust.

Then there's Edina's Mother—a true enfant terrible—she is an all too regular and very eccentric visitor to Edina's household. Edina often shouts with feeling - "Get that old woman away from me. She's always watching me!" A closet kleptomaniac, she is the type of mother who takes her daughter's due-to-be-cleaned designer clothes to the charity shop and wears her stash of female contraceptives as rubber gloves.

And there's also Bubble (Jane Horrocks), Eddy's personal assistant. Her wacky sense of style is evenly matched to her peculiar kind of intellect. And her thick Lancanshire accent is often off set by her fluency in French.

Outrageous and over-the-top, "Absolutely Fabulous" is a wonderful antidote to political correctness. Audiences and critics agree that there are only two words to describe this marvelously entertaining comedy: "Absolutely fabulous!"

And in 2012, the "Ab Fab" gang returned to BBC America for three all-new 20th Anniversary Specials: "Identity," "Job," and "Olympics."