20th Anniversary Specials — Episode 3


Edina and Patsy are well known for having their fingers on the pulse of the nation. As the sound of the approaching Olympiad reaches deafening proportions, Eddy is surprised that it is all about to start. She has rented out her house to a Hollywood A-lister, but she's still living in it, as is Saffy, Mother and Bubble.

Patsy tries to get into Eddy's body-suit to look suitably great for the A-listers, with disastrous results. Eddy feels age is catching up with her and invitations are no longer coming her way. Fashion designer Stella McCartney has even kicked her out of her shop! And to make matters worse, her ex-husband Marshall and his girlfriend Bo show up on her doorstep to for a place to stay during the Olympic Games. But somehow before the Olympic flame has been lit, Edina and Patsy find themselves inside Olympic Stadium. One can only imagine what happens next.