About the Show
About the Show

This fascinating series travels through a virtual day, from dawn to dusk to night, showing how different animals have adapted to make the most out of every moment. The sun creates the daily rhythm for life on earth, hour by hour its exact position is critical. For every animal, each day is packed with both danger and opportunity.

Some hunt in the blazing midday heat, others in the darkness of night. Animals have evolved astonishing strategies to exploit these key moments in the cycle of our planet. 24 Hours on Earth follows the huge highs and desperate lows of their daily struggle for survival.

At dawn the world’s weirdest choir bursts into song—the Lar gibbons of Thailand call across the forest warning off enemies and attracting new mates. The fastest animal on the planet—the cheetah—picks a brief moment in the early morning to hunt, while the Lammergeyer bird uses the thermal air currents created by the heat of the early afternoon to find their food.

As the sun sets, a new world opens up. Dusk sees three million wrinkled lipped bats swirl out of their cave to feast on nocturnal insects. A sea dragon courts a female in the dying light of the Australian reef. He must convince her he’s the one before dark when predators come out in force. And as darkness takes hold, a pride of lions decide to go hunting. Their powerful night vision should give them the upper hand over their prey but will a full moon spoil their plans?

From the moment the sun rises, to the time it sets, through to the darkness of the night, this series meets the animals waiting to make the most of these windows of opportunity provided by the time of day.