Long Susan

As with Captain Jackson, Long Susan Hart finds herself freed from her original need to hide out in Whitechapel.

Unlike him, she has come to feel at home in the Tenter Street brothel.

But happiness is transitory as a new secret is soon to be revealed; one that even Captain Jackson had no idea. Susan is knee deep in debt she took on from her leasing of the Tenter Street site, financed by a far from legitimate source – the vile and ruthless moneylender, Silas Duggan.

At the time, wanted by the law and living anonymously – she had no choice but to accept the terms of this loan. Now, Silas wants his share of the successful business she has built, whether in coin or in Susan’s flesh, forcing her to examine the morality of what she has done for profit.

About MyAnna Buring

MyAnna has recently appeared in the first two Twilight Saga installments, 'Breaking Dawn: Parts I and II'. She has also recently appeared in the BBC Drama 'White Heat' which appeared on BBC America.