Captain Homer Jackson

At first glance, Captain Jackson might seem tamed.

He is a fixture at the Leman Street station house these days, and his womanizing ways have been replaced by a re-commitment to his wife Long Susan Hart.

Were it not for the fact that they live in a brothel, his life might seem normal. Yet beyond this, he yearns for a new freedom.

As far as he is concerned, he and Susan have laid their past to rest and have no need to hide in the lawless chaos of Whitechapel. But harsh realities are soon to intrude on his life. Not only are those fantasy ambitions under threat, but so is the security of his home.

His free-spirited and reckless past meant that he had no idea of, or no interest in, just how his wife was able to finance the birth and growth of the Tenter Street bordello. He is soon to find out, though. And when he does, his and Susan’s life will be changed forever.

About Adam Rothenberg

Adam Rothenberg has starred in films alongside Diane Keaton and Katie Holmes in 'Mad Money (2008), as well as guest appearances on 'House M.D.' (2010) and CBS Sherlock drama 'Elementary' (2012).