The Origin of the Name ‘Jack the Ripper’

Almost certainly the one single reason for the enduring appeal of this rather sordid series of prostitute murders is the name, Jack the Ripper.

The H Division Police Force

Matthew Macfadyen’s character in “Ripper Street,” Inspector Reid, was an actual police officer within the H Division.

The Jack the Ripper Virtual Tour – Extended

STOP 1. 7th August 1888. THE DEATH OF MARTHA TABRAM Start your tour on Whitechapel High street in front of the Whitechapel Art gallery next to exit 3 of Aldgate East Station.


By 1888, London was the largest capital in the world and the center of the ever-increasing British empire. Queen Victoria had been on the throne for over 50 years and the public face of Britain reflected Victoria’s lifestyle; proud, …