Season 1 Recap

Let’s review what has happened this season, shall we? But before we go any further, this is your official *SPOILER ALERT* warning.

What Exactly Is a Pinkerton?

His name is Homer Jackson, and he’s “all flesh and blood.” (‘Tournament of Shadows‘)

The Weight of One Man’s Heart: War Wounds Lingering in the Abyss

Drake: “(Egyptians) believed the gods placed the heart in scales against a feather. The Feather of Justice. If the heart spoke of no sin, the scales balanced, and the soul could join the afterlife.

Episode 4: Locking Up Women for ‘The Good of This City’

“We cannot build a railway without demolishing a slum or two.”

The industrialist ‘progress’ of technology left behind many confused and displaced individuals at its expense.

Liberal Repression: Vice in Queen Victoria’s England

In Episode 3 of “Ripper Street,” “The King Came Calling,” Captain Jackson wasn’t the only one who experienced the world of Victorian vice.