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Where to Watch


Missing Season 1 of Ripper Street? Fear not. There are places to watch. Find on iTunes Amazon Instant Video Google […]

Season 1 Recap

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Let’s review what has happened this season, shall we? But before we go any further, this is your official *SPOILER […]

9 Totally Bizarre Unsolved Crimes

A pencil drawing of Mary Kelly, the last of the Ripper victims.

From our partners at Buzzfeed: 1. The Zodiak Killer This guy really liked killing people. Active in Northern California for […]

The Origin of the Name ‘Jack the Ripper’


Almost certainly the one single reason for the enduring appeal of this rather sordid series of prostitute murders is the […]

What Exactly Is a Pinkerton?

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His name is Homer Jackson, and he’s “all flesh and blood.” (‘Tournament of Shadows‘) But according to Inspector Reid, (and […]

The H Division Police Force

The H Division, circa 1889. Notice the real Inspector Reid (played by Matthew Macfayden) front and center.

Matthew Macfadyen’s character in “Ripper Street,” Inspector Reid, was an actual police officer within the H Division. Find out more […]


The people of Whitechapel. The dirtiest, and most ruthless part of the richest town in Victorian Europe.

By 1888, London was the largest capital in the world and the center of the ever-increasing British empire. Queen Victoria […]

‘In My Protection’: The Life of a Child on the Streets of Victorian London

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“Cheer up, lad. No good ever came from moping.” – Sergeant Drake (Deborah Goren – Played by Lucy Cohu) In […]

Liberal Repression: Vice in Queen Victoria’s England


In Episode 3 of “Ripper Street,” “The King Came Calling,” Captain Jackson wasn’t the only one who experienced the world […]

The 5 Craziest Jack the Ripper Theories


As you fellow Ripperologists well know, there are many theories floating around about who Jack the Ripper was, but there […]