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Episode 2

Gordon has chosen his Bad Boys Brigade to work for his prison business, and now he has to trust these prisoners with sharp knives so they’re able to cook on the inside and sell on the outside. One bad boy, Jerome, has been making it hard for Gordon by verbally abusing prison officers, and has been busted down to basic privileges. But Jerome has chef potential, and Gordon needs his help to get the business up and running.

Gordon develops a lemon curd treacle tart for the boys to manufacture, and for the first time, Bad Boys Bakery bread and cakes are flogged to the general public in a pop-up shop. As the business gets busier, the prison’s stringent systems and routines start getting to Gordon, and he struggles to keep his brigade together.

Serial offender Lawrence loses it in the kitchen and tries to attack another prisoner, and the prison authorities remove Jerome from the Brigade on a crucial baking day as a result of his bad behavior. Gordon fights to keep Jerome in the Brigade, as he believes he is still young enough to change his ways. Can Gordon overcome the odds and establish a working kitchen business behind bars?