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Episode 1

Gordon Ramsay thinks it’s time Britain’s prisoners paid their way. There are 88,000 prisoners in the UK and it is said to cost the taxpayer £38,000 to keep each of them locked up for a year. Gordon’s given himself six months to set up a successful food business behind bars. His aim: To get prisoners cooking food on the inside, to sell on the outside. He arrives at Brixton Prison in south London, a category B Victorian jail, packed with drug dealers, burglars, muggers and thieves – some very unsavoury characters.

First, Gordon needs to pick 12 men for his Bad Boys Brigade business — but none of them can even scramble an egg. After baking some cupcakes with the prisoners, Gordon discovers some of them are handy with icing and glitter. But as the Brigade start arguing among themselves, Gordon sets them a challenge: To cook dinner for the whole prison. Prisoners are very particular about their food, however. If the Bad Boys Brigade mess up, there could be trouble. Can the reprobates pull it off and become a dependable team for Gordon’s business behind bars?