About the Show

Gordon Ramsay is going to prison to attempt the impossible: Make offenders pay their way. Most prisoners sit around all day, while the public forks out for them to do so. And it costs taxpayers a fortune to keep criminals in prison  – £38,000 a year, £2 billion a year. In a time of recession and budget cuts, this money has to be found at the expense of schools and hospitals.

In this explosive new series “Ramsay Behind Bars,” Gordon’s going to be locked up in the infamous Brixton Prison where he’s going to try and set up a catering company within the prison. He will grab some of the nation’s toughest prisoners and teach them to cook on the inside to sell on the outside. Gordon’s had first-hand experience of how prison has shaped his brother, but now he’s going to experience life inside prison himself. There’s a host of forces arranged against Gordon: Prison bureaucracy; the unreliable criminal workforce and skeptical retailers. But above all – can Gordon persuade the great British public to eat food made by prisoners?

“Ramsay Behind Bars” lifts the lid on the unknown world of prisons and prisoners, while revealing an ambitious solution to one of the biggest social problems facing us today– how to make criminals pay something back.